Wow! Humongous Deep Sea Creature Surprises Fisherman

Doesn't that make your blood run cold?

Nope, these are not photos taken from a horror movie shoot.


Rather, they come from Owase Port in Mie Prefecture, Japan, where an enterprising fisherman caught a famed “megamouth” shark.

Only 60 of these sea creatures have ever been seen – this is the 61st. They tend to swim the dark depths of the sea, beyond the reach of cameras and fish nets.


Sure, it looks fearsome, but don’t worry — humans are not on this monster’s menu. The one-ton megamouth gets his name from his habit of devouring plankton with his mouth wide open.


But that doesn’t mean your blood doesn’t run cold when you see him.

Take a look at the megamouth in the video below that was caught last year in the Philippines.

What do you think about that catch of the day? 


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