Here’s something to make your blood boil. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew just announced who will replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill… Harriet Tubman.

While Tubman is an important historical figure worth praise, one question remains – Why the hell are we doing this? Why are we wasting time, debate, and money on an issue that is non existent!? Do the left not have their hands full already with all their other inane pursuits against American values?

Twitter is starting to blow up with various opinions about this senseless Obama administration change. However, my favorite one really hits the nail on the head:

This change has been expected, but it wasn’t known which person would replace Jackson. The $20 bill is getting the swap rather than the originally proposed $10 bill due to backlash over removing Alexander Hamilton.

See the video below to find out what other needless changes may be made to our currency if cry babies have their way.

Share your opinion on the change to the $20 bill below or tell us what you think Obama should do with our money!

H/T: Politico