19 year-old Isabella George and her 20 year-old cousin Rebekah Forgey recently decided to go for a jog together on a country road in Carroll County, Indiana. Minutes later, however, the two women were fighting for their lives.

According to AWM, the two joggers were brutally attacked by a pack of four pit bulls. When the girls realized what was happening, they desperately tried to run home across a field, but the dogs chased them down. The pit bulls tackled the women to the ground and began tearing at their flesh in an attack which was later described as a 30 minute “feeding frenzy.”

Dog owner Richard Darter, 50, tried to stop the attack, but the dogs turned on him and took him down as well. The trio was only saved when a passing motorist drove in and scattered the animals before quickly loading the injured into her truck. This woman is now being called a “godsend” for rescuing the people.


Forgey is missing more than 75 percent of her scalp and various muscles were ripped out of her leg. Though she is in stable condition in intensive care, she’ll need muscle and skin grafts and will NEVER be able to regrow her hair.


George isn’t in as bad shape, and she is recovering at home from puncture wounds and large bruises all over her body.

The dogs were all caught the day after the attack. One was shot by police, and the other three were euthanized.

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