In an absolutely stunning and sickening display of government interference and political correctness gone amok, a six-year-old girl has been ripped from her white family of four years because she is 1.5% Native American.

Lexi had been bounced around foster families since birth because her biological parents couldn’t care for her. She landed with Rusty and Summer Page over four years ago. They provided her with a loving home and accepted her as one of their own.

She was just removed from this family against their will because of the “Indian Child Welfare Act.” The government feels that this family isn’t best serving Lexi’s needs because she’s is less than 2% Choctaw Indian and they are white.

The Pages have been attempting to adopt Lexi for two years. Now, she can no longer even live with them as a foster child. But, they will continue to fight for her.

In a heart wrenching scene which you can see in the video below, Lexi was seized from the Page’s home amid screams from her foster siblings and tears from her parents.

This case seems to make no sense to anyone who values stable families. This child was placed in a loving home where she was wanted and that was disrupted because of the color of the skin of the parents. Why does the government feel the color of someone’s skin determines if they are good parents? Should actions trump skin color?

Lexi was 17 months old when she moved in with the Pages. They are the only family she probably remembers. And the government severed that family because of skin color. She will now live with in Utah with a family related to her biological father by marriage. And this family isn’t even Native American!

What sense does this make? Is this how the government creates strong families, by ripping them apart? Please share your thoughts.

H/T: Daily Mail