baby wipe container

If you have kids, you have used tons of baby wipes. And you probably have a lot of leftover containers. Don’t toss them out! They can be repurposed for many different things.

You can use them to centrally store games.

repurposed baby wipe containers

The containers can be repurposed to house crayons, pens or pencils. What a great way to organize!

baby wipe container

You can use them to organize for snacks or lunches.

baby wipe container

They make a terrific container for yarn storage.

baby wipe container

While parents do go through baby wipes quite quickly, below is a video that may give you pause! Huggies came under fire for reports of glass shards in their product. The company discredited the claims, but we’ll leave you to draw your own conclusions.

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H/T: Faithtap