Horrifying New Gas Station Crime Sweeps Nation – Watch Out For This…

A disturbing new type of robbery has emerged, and it's called "sliding."

A disturbing new type of robbery has emerged, and it’s called “sliding.”

According to AWM, the robbers call themselves “sliders,” and they take advantage of human discretion by stealing pocket books and purses from women at gas stations. Sliders always attack gas stations, and they typically do so when their victim is pumping gas into their vehicle.

When a person pulls up to the pump, they either go right over to pump gas or go inside to buy something. Either way, the slider waits until a woman exits her vehicle, then grabs whatever they can from the front seat. Most people don’t even realize they are being robbed, as the slider is gone before the victim knows what’s happening.

The best way to prevent this crime from happening to you is to always lock your vehicle when you leave it. SHARE this story so your friends and family can be warned about this!

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