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A Michigan school is freaking out over one part of the Constitution. They don’t seem to care for the Second Amendment.

In Michigan, you can take your sidearm into a school even if the school is a “gun free zone.” One dad, whose toddler attends Kalamazoo Regional Educational Service Agency’s West Campus, has a concealed pistol license and legally carries his handgun to the school.

This is causing some parents and school officials to freak out.

The father comes to the school once a week and exercises his right to carry his weapon. The school is not happy about this and have reacted in a way that many consider overboard. Police and administrators escort the man around the school out of fear. They even lockdown the school when the father is in the building.

What they fail to realize is this man isn’t a threat. He is armed to protect himself and his child. But, while they are attempting to babysit him, their eyes are taken off protecting the children from legitimate threats.

Those who carry guns illegally aren’t going to tell the school about them. Rather than keep a look out for these types, they are targeting a responsible American.

Donald Trump had it right when he said we need to be able to carry guns legally in schools. He recognizes that “gun free zones are a catastrophe.” Many states do not even allow people with concealed handgun licenses to carry into schools.

I’m glad Trump is standing up for our Second Amendment rights! Our rights should be honored and respected everywhere we go.

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