Donald Trump’s “Walk of Fame” Star was vandalized for the second time during his presidential campaign. This time, a swastika was painted on it. But, this criminal not only broke the law, he put his stupidity on display.

The swastika was painted backwards and therefore takes on a totally different meaning than comparing Trump to Hitler.

Watch the video here for more details:

Cammy D on IMGUR pointed out the accidental meaning of the stupid thug’s graffiti. “Wait, this is the wrong direction. Someone is wishing him Indian good luck,” she wrote.

Trump has been referred to as being like a Nazi many times during his campaign. Even Ohio Governor and failing presidential candidate John Kasich joined in on this.

But, nothing seems to be stopping The Donald’s path to the White House. He was even asked to discuss who his running mate will be because so many already envision him as the nominee, even before the Iowa caucus. You can check out that video below.

What would  you do if you caught someone defacing Trump signs? Please share your reaction.

H/T: Western Journalism

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