When the man in the video below stopped at a gas station recently, he was outraged to look down to see what was happening at the pump.

According to AWM, the video clearly shows that the gas meter is going up and charging him money when he isn’t even pumping gas. The man saw this after he paid cash for the gas, and watched the meter go up without him even using it.

“Do you see any leaking gas from it? None,” he asks the camera at one point.

“These things keep on charging me. I don’t know for what,” he continued. “Maybe for air? I thought the air was free. Be careful next time when you gas up at CITGO.”

When the video was posted to Reddit, users explained that this is far more common than people think.

“This is called meter creep,” Redditor Mrhematocrit said.

“Unfortunately, this does happen. Usually it’s not at fault of the owners or operators of the station — usually. Sometimes the meters break and read incorrectly. Now, if it was reported to the station and they did nothing about it, then that would be pretty suspicious,” x4everendeavorx added.

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