Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson has found himself in hot water with liberals once again after he made a “controversial” comment about American girls.

The comment was made in a recent episode of the hit reality show in which a friendly frog-hunting competition took place between the husbands and wives in the family. Phil didn’t think the women performed up to his standards, and he later let the viewers know his thoughts on it.

“These are subdivision girls. They aren’t country girls. Seems to be the way America is going these days,” he said, according to Western Journalism.

It didn’t take long for loudmouth liberal bloggers to slam Phil.

“Phil didn’t explain exactly what he meant by his ‘subdivision’ comment, but it’s clear it wasn’t meant as a compliment. He wasn’t saying they were outstanding businesswomen, supportive mothers or adoring wives. He decided their value as human beings was determined solely by their ability to catch frogs at night,” wrote Mckenna Bailey on She Knows. “Of course, he didn’t make his condescending comment in front of the women. He waited until he was in the safety of his solo interview, because that’s the best way to make completely absurd comments.”

“It seems like the show’s producers would understand the difference between funny and sexist. But if tonight’s episode is any indication, that’s a very wrong assumption,” she added.

McKenna’s post backfired, however, when online users rushed to Phil’s defense in the blog’s comment section.

“I think you are the one with a problem not Phil or his family,” posted Shane. “A country girl to him is hunting, fishing, outdoorsy girls who are right there with the men doing what they do. Subdivision women simply means more pampered or living an easier life in respect to killing it and bringing it home to eat.”

“That was a condescending, sexist comment?” posted Patty Rodriguez. “I’ve heard worse … please. Geez, we are getting so soft these days getting offended by the slightest things. This is an old guy with an old school mentality (We all have a family member like that, if not then I feel sorry for you), if you don’t like it then don’t watch. Period.”

“Ya know todays society is so messed up about every little single thing its just ridiculous,” posted Michelle Aldridge Hatch. “Last time I checked everyone is entitled to their own opinion and it doesn’t matter what someone else thinks you really don’t have to agree. ‘My opinion’ is that this family has many more morals than most, some good and maybe some not so good. But it really doesn’t matter we are all human and make mistakes he didn’t kill anyone with his words or religion so get over it.  Not everyone is perfect, so before you go judging others maybe you should look in the mirror at yourself and do a little soul searching of your own.”

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