Gabi Shull has always loved to dance. But when she was 9, a diagnosis of osteosarcoma threatened to keep her off the dance floor forever.

“My main surgery was June 15th, 2011, the rotationplasty surgery. And what they did was take out my knee, which was the portion that had cancer.” Gabi, who is now 14, said, “Now my ankle acts as my knee, and whenever I point my ankle, it straightens the prosthetic.”

But, Gabi’s drive to dance helped her recovery. Despite losing most of her leg, Gabi wanted to keep dancing. Her determination to dance fueled her spirits. She learned to walk and dance again, but she couldn’t dance on pointe.

Her prosthetist, Keith Andrews, wasn’t sure he could make a prosthetic that would allow her to do this, but he gave it his all. As soon as she put it on, Gabi got up on her toes and started dancing.

A Facebook video of Gabi trying out her new prosthetic has gone viral. Millions of people have watched it. It is a testament to determination and living your dreams.

Gabi’s optimism is quite inspiring. She is not letting anything keep her down. While so many would give up, she pushes forward. Amazing!

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H/T: Fox4KC

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