Many people can relate to the feeling of sadness as we watch our older loved ones begin to lose their independence. I’ve watched the struggle of my grandparents clinging to their homes and the lives they’re so accustom to, though they have reached the point of needing some day-to-day assistance.

Often times, the families don’t have the space to move their elderly loved one in with them but the thought of a¬†nursing home can be a frightening alternative.

Introducing “Granny Pods” or MedCottages! These miniature homes are 12×24 and allow your loved one to live on your property while allowing¬†them, and you, your own space!

These pods are equipped with the safety of the senior at the forefront of every feature. From shower railings, and padded floors to actual webcams and vital signs monitors, these pods are extremely thoughtful and high-tech.

Take a look at the video below and tell me this isn’t the coolest idea you’ve seen in a while!

Would you ever consider installing one of these pods on your property? Share this with someone who would really love this idea!

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