Sarah Jayne McIntosh received a Fitbit for Christmas. And the timing of that gift possibly saved her life. 

People wear their Fitbits all day to track their steps. You don’t have to be exercising to have it on. Sarah took a break from studying to look at her Fitbit and what she saw propelled her to call 911.

Her heart rate had suddenly jumped from 84 beats a minutes to 210 and that was while she wasn’t even being active. She was shocked to see this as she hadn’t been previously diagnosed with a heart issue and was young.

Sarah was rushed to the hospital where doctors discovered one of the chambers in her heart was misfiring, causing her heart to beat so quickly. She was given medication to slow this down.

She credits the Fitbit with saving her life. “The doctors said that if I hadn’t phoned for an ambulance when I did, and if I wasn’t wearing my Fitbit to track my heart rate, I could have suffered a cardiac arrest and died,” she said.


Oral Roberts University requires freshman to wear Fitbits to track their physical activity. Freshman are required to take 10,000 steps a day. As you can see in the video below, the students are responding well to this new requirement.

Do you wear a Fitbit? What is your experience?

H/T: IJ Review