Seth Rollins Is This Generation’s Shawn Michaels

Everyone has their favorite WWE superstar. Everyone has a different opinion on who is the “next big thing.” There’s a certain percentage of the audience that are settled on Roman Reigns while others favor a Dean Ambrose, a Dolph Ziggler or a Bray Wyatt. Though he’s somewhat of a veteran amongst the newer crop of talent, Ryback is beginning to gain some steam as a credible threat to the throne. There are actual veterans in the form of Mark Henry, Big Show, Kane and others that are always ready to go when they’re given the call to squeeze into a main event spot.

To anyone that watches current WWE programming regularly, there’s no doubt that Seth Rollins has been outperforming everyone on the roster rather consistently.

Though Reigns is being shoved down our throats as the next guy, he doesn’t come anywhere close to Rollins. Throughout the past six months, Rollins has gone out there every night with a wide range of competitors and nearly every night he has stolen the show as an in-ring performer. He is nearly always a focal point of the show, is never boring to watch or listen to and hasn’t had a bad match in the foreseeable memory.

It takes two to tango; there’s no disputing that. Nevertheless, Rollins’ series of matches with Ambrose were met with critical acclaim on both men’s performances. His recent series of matches with John Cena have proven to be equally thrilling. On WWE TV, he has had four-star matches with Ziggler and Randy Orton among others.

There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that Rollins is an incredibly talented performer. He is arguably the top heel of the company on the nights that Brock Lesnar doesn’t want to come to work and has been rather successful in that role. Though he is likely to get pushed down the card come time for WrestleMania 31, if he manages to hang onto the Money in the Bank briefcase until WrestleMania 31, there’s no reason to believe that he won’t cash it in successfully.

There’s a lot of young talent on the current WWE roster, however only a few are fully formed to the point where they could be put into that role as WWE champion. Ambrose is close but it’s evident that he needs a bit of polishing in terms of his in-ring work as well as the scripted mic work he’s given to work with. Wyatt’s character isn’t near the WWE championship nor should it be. The character is in need of an evolution – maybe a few – before the character itself is ready. Weak in nearly every area, Reigns shouldn’t be anywhere near the title picture but we all know that he will be in the coming year.

In terms of in-ring performance, many will point to Ziggler as being at the top of the pile. While he’s certainly in the Top Five – and on many nights there’s no question he’s number one – Rollins is a better all-around worker than Ziggler. Though both of them need work on the mic, Rollins is better at connecting with the audience than Ziggler – by far. Ziggler has been with the WWE for years now and he hasn’t progressed much in terms of in-ring work since he experienced his concussion shortly after WrestleMania 29. While he is one of the better performers on the roster, Ziggler’s been in a rut – a rut he created – and the moment he loses that Intercontinental championship and when he’s not being featured in an Intercontinental championship-related feud, the guy is going to mean nothing.

Meanwhile Rollins is not only on the way up but he’s got more natural momentum behind him as he continues to perform in a way that could define him as the “Shawn Michaels of this generation.” Many would find this an incredibly bold compliment but it remains true. He very well could be and only time will tell. What’s evident right now is that the guy can go out with nearly anyone on the roster and put on a better match than anyone else can. Just. Watch. Him.

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